And then Luka came ...

For half a year we thought we could ride a bike in high alpine trails very well. We thought, because then Luka ... and the girls ... came.
Birgit rides her bike very well, I knew, but also Polona do so. Well, and then I watched Luka ... you do not believe it if you have not seen this live. Absolutely awesome.
For the trip we go to a summit quite exactly in the middle of Vienna - Skofja Loka - Steyr ... so somewhere in Styria. It was also a tip from a friend. He has to pay some beer now. Me at least, because the three others felt very comfortable on the track?

Anyway, at least I enjoyed watching and I have a lot of homework to do now ...

I hope I can go out again with Luka and Polona .... cu soon

Bikini Girls ;-)

Are you sure ?

Absolutely shure ...

The Team on this day

The next target on our way

Luca and Birgit

Luca only ride on his frontwheel, the whole way down ?

You can see the trail ...


Finaly they managed to clear it together

Follow me, it is easy :-)

Airtime ... on his backwheel

The Girls

Looks easy

but was not easy

Trail with a view ...

Polono rides awesome steep tracks ...

and Luca does not recognize that this was steep *gg*

also Polona does not recognize some times ...